About Us
Mauril's work first begins with the chaos; that he puts
on the table, or on the floor, or on an easel, the canvas
softened by multiple layers of Gesso. He has on hand,
oil, acrylic, spatula, with mixtures of all
kinds. Just like the alchemist in search of gold, he does
and undoes the subject. A sailboat, a
wave, or a reef emerges and then changes until he finds
what the painting was meant to be. He will fine-tune the
creation for a few hours, a few days, even a few
months. Until the figurative abstraction becomes a work
of art.
The artist must be in perpetual evolution, and that is what we recognize in all of the work’s done by
Born and raised in Québec, Mauril left his hometown of Chicoutimi, to let the sea sail him througout the
east coast of America and all the way down and throughout the Caribbeans. He later settled in Nova
Scotia, Luneneburg, where he let the artist in him shine through, and opened his own art gallery. Even
though he is now back on land, the ocean never fully left his heart, and Mauril's work can be
distinguished by his affiliation with said sea, and the constant concern for authenticity. If before sailing
fulfied him, now his utmost fulfillment derives from his innate ability to get you to visualize what you might
not otherwise perceive.
His inspiration seems to be born in the deep waves,  
the cool winds, the rhythm of the spray, and in the
mist that envelop’s your body and chill’s you to the
core. Some works are almost monochromatic, while
in others, the color appears as the only motivation.
The movements used to make them can be languid,
and the next one emotional for the majority of the
painting and suddenly ending in abrupt bursts; shaded
spaces that hold the eye as if to stop time.

Creativity must have first place in his work. It must be
inexhaustible because it is the soul of the artist.
The sight of a small boat still moves him, so he must
refrain from reducing the boat to its simple
reproduction. The work must translate the vibrations
in it for him to consider it complete.
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